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Edge Factor’s New Series Prepares Students for Future Success

  Edge Factor Team   |     October 03, 2022 |   6 minute read
Edge Factor first episode of an all new series: Journey, features Drew Crowe in Snakes & Ladders

The road to success is not a straight line. It’s a process of working through each step, to arrive at the next step and to stay motivated to move forward despite the challenges and setbacks.


Drew was recently featured as a guest blogger and shared his Career Journey which is fraught with challenges, barriers and successes. Today, Edge Factor is excited to announce a new film featuring Drew Crowe! 


This is all part of Edge Factor partnership with Drew to engage underserved youth by fostering access to community members who can help develop their ideas and connect them to training programs and companies that move them forward along the pathway of their respective career journeys.


Edge Factor tools are categorized into 4 phases of the Career Journey: Inspiration, Exploration, Preparation, and Connection. 

The Inspiration phase includes cinematic films and career media featuring stories from people who have overcome obstacles and discovered a passion for a specific industry or career. Edge Factor is launching a new series in this phase titled, Journey. The first episode in the series, features Drew Crowe in the episode Snakes & Ladders. Watch the trailer now!




The goal of the Journey series is to prepare students for future success as they hear real life stories and characters, like Drew Crowe, share key moments, challenges and lessons they learned along their way to success. Each episode, topic and character is chosen because we believe the person featured represents, and embodies a message that we want to promote and activate further through the accompanying series called, Barriers and UPLIFT.


As we move people along on their career journey, learners will go from the inspiration phase into exploration and preparation. In the preparation phase learners begin to chart their career path and develop the skills to prepare to enter the world of work, or continue to develop in their career. 


Barriers is a series for business leaders which discusses challenges that people face on their career journey, and shares best practices for business leaders to help ensure their team members succeed. Drew speaks specifically from his experience and provides tips for business leaders on how to get people interested in the manufacturing industry, deal with racial slurs, recognize  strengths, and more. 

Edge Factor's UPLIFT series helps high school students and job-seekers increase their self awareness and create a plan to achieve their career goals. The goal is to empower viewers to understand and overcome barriers they could face on their career journey, as they learn from other peoples' experiences. Drew covers topics to help students and job-seekers think about how to deal with situations like teen parenthood, sticking to your plan, how to handle second chances, and offensive situations.


Students will be able to: 

  • Reflect on relationships between "who they are" and the opportunities available to them.
  • Identify social, economic and physical barriers that could impact their ability to achieve career/life success
  • Develop an understanding of resources available and how to use them to overcome social, economical and physical barriers
  • Build on their self-knowledge - "who do I want to become?" and "What is my plan for achieving my goals?"


“By partnering with Edge Factor, we’re developing a digital curriculum to spread this knowledge to anyone with an internet connection,” said Drew Crowe, “We’re making communities safer, we’re bringing families back together, and we’re making more taxpayers and homeowners out of people – this is a tide that lifts all boats.”


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