Drew Crowe and the American Manufacturing Renaissance Tour

  Edge Factor Team   |     June 20, 2022 |   4 minute read
Drew Crowe's American Manufacturing Renaissance Tour

Drew Crowe’s Manufacturing Renaissance Tour is a national tour to bring awareness of the diversity and skills gap within the manufacturing industry. Edge Factor is partnering with  Drew Crowe as Official Community Spokesperson to provide learners of all ages – and especially students and job-seekers – a suite of resources and presentations curated by Drew that will inspire them to discover the world of manufacturing and connect to local training and career opportunities.


Part of  Drew’s efforts includes touring across North America to speak directly to students, business, and workforce development leaders. Earlier this year he launched the American Manufacturing Renaissance tour. 

 Edge Factor is coming alongside him to channel the excitement that communities experience from his presentation. Together we offer a sustainable, holistic workforce development strategy, where every stakeholder has a role to play.


Through an engaging and dynamic presentation, students, job seekers, and parents learn about the rewarding careers available in the world of manufacturing. They are also provided with tangible tools to help them learn how to prepare for those careers. The presentation aims to celebrate the great work manufacturers are doing and educate community leaders and parents on how to promote and support the manufacturing industry. 


Taking it one step further business and community leaders are provided with tools to communicate, collaborate and connect the job seekers to the jobs. 


Catch up with Drew on location during his tour: 


July 8 -10 Cincinnati

July 22 - 24 Indianapolis or LA

Aug 5 - 6 Atlanta

Aug 12 - 14 Milwaukee

Aug 26 - 27 St Louis

Sept 12 - 17 Chicago


Working Together to Close The Skills Gap

This is just the beginning. Edge Factor is producing new media and interactive activities to showcase Drew’s story,  the lessons he learned, and the barriers he overcame. The world premiere of the Edge Factor short film, “Snakes & Ladders” featuring Drew Crowe will be launched on September 12, 2022, at the IMTS event in Chicago.


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