Dream It. Do It. Minnesota Inspires Next Generation with eduFACTOR Resources

  Larissa Hofman   |     January 23, 2017 |   1 minute read

September 9, 2016 – Cleveland, OH – Leading the Dream It. Do It. Minnesota initiative, 360 is an innovative, collaborative effort between education and industry to recruit, educate, and train workers for dynamic careers in advanced manufacturing. One of the powerful resources they use to impact their manufacturing community and inspire the next generation of makers is Edge Factor’s platform of cinematic, story-driven media and interactive resources called eduFACTOR.

“Edge Factor has focused on rebuilding and strengthening manufacturing education programs across North America,” said Toni Neary, Partnership Architect at Edge Factor. “By telling inspiring stories of real-life manufacturers who are using technology to change lives, and building dynamic, interactive resources based on those stories, we equip educators and business leaders with tools to inspire and reach students and parents.”

As 360 provides students with an inside look at advanced manufacturing careers and the new advanced technology, eduFACTOR resources provide the online resources to break stereotypes, highlight unique career opportunities and demonstrate how STEM comes alive in manufacturing. With their eduFACTOR membership, Dream It. Do It. Minnesota has access to Edge Factor’s feature films, TV series, career pathway videos, CNC and 3D printing projects, technology teaching videos, turnkey event kits, virtual field trips, interactive classroom and STEM activities, take-home parent resources, and much more.

“Through Dream It. Do It. we make a particular effort to inspire and build a talented pipeline of youth who understand what manufacturing is and what skills and education are needed to prepare for a career in manufacturing. eduFACTOR does a great job of showcasing stories about modern manufacturing and making it relevant to students,” said Shane Fjerstad, Director of Dream It. Do It. Minnesota. “These materials will help Dream It Do It. Minnesota, led by 360 Manufacturing Center of Excellence, inspire youth to prepare for careers in modern manufacturing.”  

To find out more about 360 and Dream It. Do It. Minnesota, visit / and to discover how eduFACTOR resources can impact your community, visit


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