Donuts are taking Lincoln County by Storm

  Larissa Hofman   |     January 23, 2017 |   2 minute read

Lincolnton, North Carolina. January 18, 2017 – Last February, Edge Factor partnered with the Lincoln Economic Development Association on a mission to impact the community of Lincolnton, North Carolina, inspire the next generation at a live student event, and reach parents and families at an evening community event. Ten participating Lincoln County Schools bussed in 1800+ students to attend an Edge Factor Live event that exposed students to the power of CTE (Career and Technical Education) and careers in advanced manufacturing. But LEDA’s question, “How do we get parents to attend an evening event?” led to a creative initiative that took Lincolnton by storm.

To raise awareness of the community event and encourage people to register to attend, Edge Factor and LEDA hosted an online “Fight 4 Donuts” competition between nine middle and high schools from Lincoln County.  Grandparents, aunts and uncles, friends, parents, and students flooded the donut competition website to vote for their local school to win donuts for every student! Voters could only vote once, were required to fill in their contact information, and complete a short, online, interactive quiz with questions on local manufacturing facts and opportunities. On the same “Fight 4 Donuts” web page, people learned about the community event and were able to register for free tickets. The final tally was approx. 4000 submitted quizzes and votes to win donuts, 1800+ students at the student event, and 230+ parents at the evening community event. 


“Immediately following the events and the winning school receiving donuts, we heard students from the losing schools saying things like, ‘We are totally going to win the donuts next year… I’m going to share it with everyone I know.’ So that was that. They expected the “Fight 4 Donuts” to be an annual competition, and they were ready to roll up their sleeves to win in 2017,” said Kara Brown, Existing Business Manager at LEDA. “Right then we knew we needed to book Edge Factor to host encore events and the second annual donut competition.”


Today, the 2017 “Fight 4 Donuts” competition has officially started! Leading up to the encore student and community events on February 1, voters have 2 weeks to fill out a new quiz and vote for their local school to win donuts. West Lincoln High School won last year – but who will take the top spot in 2017?


With cinematic Edge Factor media and a motivational message by Jeremy Bout, Founder of Edge Factor, The Spark Event will inspire families to view manufacturing and CTE in a new light and help empower students to pursue amazing career pathways. Since the first event, students have been able to learn about these careers in their classrooms and homes because of LEDA’s determination to keep the momentum alive in their community. LEDA sponsored 10 schools with memberships to Edge Factor’s Netflix-style educational platform of media and interactive activities that bring STEAM, CTE and advanced manufacturing to life in classrooms. Advancing our regional approach with LEDA, Edge Factor filmed STEAM Tours, career profile videos, and technology “what is” videos with two companies in Lincoln county. “This holistic approach to impacting a community has sparked a movement in Lincoln County, as students begin to picture how they can push back the edge of what’s possible through advanced manufacturing and emerging technology,” said Larissa Hofman, Director of Communications at Edge Factor.


To find out more please contact:

Larissa Hofman

(716) 805-EDGE (3343) ext 406


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