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Happy Accident Skateboarding Film

  Larissa Hofman   |     January 23, 2018 |   2 minute read
Edge Factor film Happy Accident

New York. July 9, 2018 – Coming September 2018, Edge Factor is set to release an all-new skateboarding film in partnership with Mastercam, called Happy Accident. 

For most people, skateboarding is nothing more than a hobby. Something that fills in the time between work, eat and sleep. But what if skateboarding consumes every part of your day? For skateboarders Professor Paul Schmitt,  Mike Vallely, Sierra Prescott, and Kelvin Hoefler, skateboarding is not just something that fills in the free time between the rest of life… it is their lives and livelihood. Happy Accident follows the stories of four athletes who have taken their love of skateboarding to a whole new level.

After manufacturing over 60 million skateboards you would think that Professor Schmitt’s days in his Tijuana skateboard factory would become mundane. But for Schmitt, the process of designing and manufacturing a skateboard is much more than factory work. Schmitt describes the skateboard creation process as a collision of design, technology, math, science, and physics. These are some of the best skateboards ever made, used by some of the best athletes. When Jeremy paid Schmitt’s factory a visit he was introduced to the entire process of skateboard creation; from Mastercam design to packaging. Like Jeremy, this tour proved to me that manufacturing a skateboard is a lot more complex than attaching four wheels on a piece of wood – it is an art and a science.

Mike Vallely started a skateboard manufacturing business in his garage, and today works with Professor Schmitt to design and manufacture custom skateboards. Mike describes his business venture as using the environment to create something new, which is where he got the name, Street Plant. His business has literally and figuratively grown up out of nothing, a plant sprouted and nurtured by his passion and love for a sport, thriving in its environment and maturing into a lucrative career.

When Sierra Prescott tasked Professor Schmitt with creating a custom skateboard for her, the model and aspiring photographer knew she was asking for something that didn’t currently exist; a 70’s inspired board that not only looked “rad,” but a single board that could be used to perform all of her tricks. This combination of beauty and utility was a tall order, but these kinds of challenges seem to be just the thing that professor Schmitt craves. Sierra was not disappointed by the results.

When the professor was called upon to design a skateboard for a potential X Games champion, little did he know that a flaw in the board’s design would turn into a gold medal.  When one of the molds Schmitt was using to create skateboards for Kelvin Hoefler shrunk slightly, the tiny discrepancy in the design caused some of the boards not to feel right to the well-calibrated skater. In a twist of events, the “flawed’ boards became just what the athlete needed, securing his victory at the X Games.

Four unique stories with a love of a sport at the heart of them, each one cultivating a passion into success. Happy Accident inspires risk-taking and dream chasing and reminds the viewer that failure if treated properly, can result in greatness.  

Stay tuned to watch Happy Accident on!

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