Cleveland County announces Edge Factor Live event

  Larissa Hofman   |     March 23, 2019 |   2 minute read

March 12, 2019. Cleveland County –  Workforce development is a topic that is being discussed in companies and organizations all across Cleveland County. Whether it’s in a boardroom, parking lot, or on the shop floor… EVERYONE is talking about it and many are working hard to find solutions.

The Cleveland County Economic Development Partnership and Cleveland County Schools are partnering with Edge Factor on a major workforce development initiative to raise awareness of local career opportunities, build relationships between businesses and schools, and ultimately, engage students and parents. Edge Factor empowers communities with story-driven media and tools to tackle workforce development, inspire students, reach parents and build relationships between local schools and businesses.

Using the power of cinematic storytelling to inspire audiences, Edge Factor stories spark hope, share key messages, and open the door to more in-depth learning opportunities. With thousands of videos and interactive resources that showcase industries, careers, soft skills, STEAM and more, Edge Factor’s cloud-based, membership-based platform delivers content that are used in schools, businesses, homes, and at events.

“For the last year, all of our middle and high schools in Cleveland County have been using Edge Factor to help students explore career pathways, instill soft skills, show how STEAM is used in the real world, introduce technology, encourage students to pursue Career and Technical Education (CTE), and reach parents,” said Tony Fogleman, CTE Director, Cleveland County Schools.  

On April 2, 2019, at Shelby High School, the Founder and Host of Edge Factor, Jeremy Bout will be keynoting two free events. In the morning, his cinematic, story-driven keynote will inspire grade 8 students to explore local career pathways and embrace soft skills. In the evening at 6:30pm, his high impact presentation will be geared towards parents and grades 5-12+ students to showcase the extraordinary opportunities that exist in Cleveland County.

Leading up to the event, schools in Cleveland are competing to win a pizza party for their homeroom class with local VIP leaders! Starting on March 18, students, parents, grandparents, and friends can  watch a 360 video to find an 8 digit code and enter their student’s name and school for a chance to win.

“There are so many innovative companies in Cleveland County that offer rewarding career pathways,” said Beth Norman, Director of Existing Industry Relations, Cleveland County Economic Development Partnership. “We are excited to showcase these opportunities and empower students to discover their passion and launch local career pathways.”


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