AWT Foundation Inspires Next Generation with eduFACTOR Resources

  Larissa Hofman   |     January 23, 2017 |   3 minute read
Edge Factor partners with AWT foundation to inspire the next generation

October 31, 2016. Cleveland, OH – The Alliance for Working Together (AWT) Foundation’s mission to promote the development of rewarding careers in manufacturing and impact Ohio’s manufacturing community continues to advance as they partner with Edge Factor to support 51 Ohio schools with eduFACTOR’s inspiring media and interactive resources.

“We recognize the need for educators, counselors, parents and others to understand career pathways in manufacturing, and as a 501(c)3, the AWT Foundation is committed to changing the overall perception of manufacturing in our community,” said Alice Cable, Executive Director of AWT. “Edge Factor’s stories and resources will equip our teachers and guidance counsellors with resources to show students how careers and advanced manufacturing technology changes lives and builds our world.”

With 80+ members, the AWT is focused on training and education, outreach, strategic partnerships, and grants to help guide people towards educational programs and resources to learn about careers. To impact their manufacturing community and inspire the next generation of makers, the AWT is sponsoring 51 schools with access to Edge Factor’s platform of cinematic, story-driven media and interactive resources called eduFACTOR (

Edge Factor produces films and TV series that tell stories of innovative teams who are pushing back the edge of what’s possible as their ideas become reality through advanced manufacturing. Based on these stories, Edge Factor creates interactive resources to raise awareness and guide students towards amazing pathways in career and technical education and manufacturing, available through eduFACTOR memberships.

“Stories resonate with people. They have the power to make us laugh or cry, create suspense, change hearts and convey ideas. The Edge Factor team has one mission at the heart of all we do: to inspire the next generation of makers,” said Toni Neary, Edge Factor’s Partnership Architect. “That’s why we are linking arms with the forward-thinking team at the AWT Foundation and the 100+ manufacturing companies that are part of the AWT consortium who are all dedicated towards the sustainability of manufacturing in Northeast Ohio.”

Rebuilding and strengthening manufacturing education programs across North America, Edge Factor provides educators and business leaders with tools to inspire students, reach parents, break stereotypes, highlight career opportunities, and demonstrate how STEAM* comes alive in manufacturing. With an eduFACTOR membership, schools can access Edge Factor’s feature films, TV series, career pathway videos, CNC and 3D printing projects, technology teaching videos, turnkey event kits, virtual field trips, interactive classroom and STEM activities, take-home parent resources, and much more.

Providing schools with eduFACTOR memberships, the AWT Foundation is directly impacting their manufacturing community by opening the eyes of students, teachers, guidance counsellors, parents and leaders to discover extraordinary manufacturing careers and inspiring the next generation of makers to pursue manufacturing pathways.

*STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math.

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About AWT Foundation

The Alliance for Working Together Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit organization whose members and supporters are working together to promote rewarding careers in manufacturing through building awareness of manufacturing careers, promoting enrollment in careers and training programs, working with training centers to ensure curriculum is relevant to today’s employers, and providing career support to those already in the field through programs like scholarships and camaraderie-building activities.   AWT is best known locally for its annual RoboBots competition: the regional tournament of the National Robotics League in which students gain real-life experience in manufacturing facilities by designing, building, machining and programming combat robots.  


About Edge Factor

Cinematic Inspiration.  Engaging Resources.  Relevant learning.

Edge Factor is the groundbreaking leader in providing cinematic, story-driven media and supporting resources to inspire the next generation of makers. Edge Factor is reaching millions of people through films, TV series, educational resources and live events. Our stories give a voice to the innovative people who are pushing back the edge of what’s possible, when their ideas become reality through advanced manufacturing.  Our teaching tools and interactive resources raise awareness and guide the next generation to launch amazing careers in the industry that builds our world. So what fuels us on our mission? It’s simple: watching the fire ignite in the eyes of students, parents and teachers as we see manufacturing communities unite and grow.

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