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Announcing Edge Factor’s new Potholes series!

  Tanya Aitken   |     January 09, 2020 |   2 minute read
Edge Factor Potholes series

Everyone is talking about workforce development and the need to build the pipeline of new employees ready and equipped to replace the retiring workforce. But we don’t just need people to fill empty positions – we need GOOD people. So how can we motivate a new generation to be people of integrity, who are trustworthy and dependable team members?

Anyone who has ever had their car knocked out of alignment or got a flat tire from a pothole knows the mess and damage they can cause. Most of the time you can drive them and avoid damaging your vehicle, but have you ever hit a pothole at work? Whether it’s a cell phone or social media use during work hours, lunchroom etiquette, an interview that goes terribly wrong, consistent tardiness, or a blunder considered inexcusable by any professional, today’s employers have seen it all. The workforce development experts and content creators at Edge Factor are creating a new series called “Potholes”, that tell real-life stories of Human Resources disasters, and how viewers can avoid them.

This series will build off of Edge Factor’s popular Soft Skills library that is widely used by school boards and employers across North America. The comedic, storytelling approach of the Potholes series will feature anecdotes of HR disasters submitted by anonymous industry leaders with practical, helpful insights for students and job seekers to learn to do and not do in the workplace or when applying for a new job. This series will be complemented by digital, interactive tools available in Edge Factor’s platform to engage students and job seekers, educating them on what the “real world” is looking for in the next workforce.

We invite you to share your Potholes story! We may feature it in our series, but don’t worry, we won’t disclose any real names or identify any companies in our videos – your story is safe with us!

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