BIG Announcement: 2021 FREE Experiences

  Larissa Hofman   |     December 08, 2020 |   3 minute read
Edge Factor 2021 Experiences


Niagara Falls, NY. Tuesday, December 8, 2020 -  In 2021, Edge Factor is equipping organizations around the world with six free Experience toolkits to inspire students and job-seekers to pursue career pathways! Schools, Companies, Associations, and Workforce leaders will be able to access and share high impact multimedia and Keynote presentations in classrooms, homes, and for virtual events.


Each Experience includes 5 Days of STEAM Programming to show how Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math all come alive on-the-job and tools to promote industries and career pathways. To help organizations best utilize these resources, Edge Factor is providing downloadable promotional tools with images and pre-written social media captions, customizable articles, and in-depth practical “How To” guide books with step by step instructions for Schools, Companies, and Workforce Leaders to plan, promote, host, and follow-up on each Experience.


The 2021 Experiences focus on specific target audiences and awareness campaigns. There will be six Experiences available for free during specific months of the year:


  1. Future Skills (Jan - Feb 2021) - As students are choosing which programs to enroll in for the following year, Edge Factor’s Future Skills Experience will promote and celebrate technical education programs and encourage students to get involved! (This will be a great tool for US organizations to celebrate CTE Month too.)

  2. Women in Skilled Trades (Mar - Apr 2021) - To celebrate International Women’s Day/ Month, this toolkit will feature a special collection of tools that Edge Factor has created that feature women in skilled trades! The goal of this Experience is encourage more women and female students to pursue career pathways in diverse skilled trades. 

  3. Indigenous Tradespeople (May - June 2021) - Edge Factor has created deep libraries of content and success stories featuring Indigenous Community Members in skilled trades! This Experience will coincide with June’s National Indigenous History Month and promote skilled trades to Indigenous students and communities.

  4. Summer Camps (July-August 2021) - Summer Learning Programs and Summer Camps are in need of turnkey tools to engage students! This Experience will bring STEAM to life and provide meaningful tools to engage students during summer months.

  5. Rock MFG DAY (Sept-October 2021) - October is Manufacturing Day/ Month and Edge Factor is providing the 2021 Rock MFG DAY kit for everyone to highlight the extraordinary world of advanced manufacturing. This toolkit will include resources to promote manufacturing careers and technology and showcase how STEAM comes alive in this industry.

  6. Apprenticeships (Nov-Dec 2021) - There are many training pathways that lead to successful careers - Apprenticeships offer incredible opportunities for students to gain real world skills and earn money while they learn! The Apprenticeships Experience will provide inspirational and informational tools for students and parents to discover the power of apprenticeship programs.

For schools and organizations that have paid Edge Factor memberships, these Experiences will continue to be available throughout the year. If you do not have a membership, you will only be able to access them for free during the months listed above.


In the free months, you will not need to have an Edge Factor membership or login to access or share the Experiences, but you will need to register! To pre-register for these free 2021 Experiences, visit 


For more information on Edge Factor or to book a demo, please visit or email

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